Friday, July 27, 2007


What happens when you cannot trust your instinct at all in certain situations ? Instinct is supposed to be that ancient wisdom that you get along with all other prerogatives of evolution. Or you can think of it as the prodding by the one unifying force, to guide you in the directions where you will be in harmony with the universe.
Suddenly one day you realize that the instinct always lets you down. To be clear, it takes you to a result that makes you unhappy (What is YOU ? that is another post sometime !). If we try to analyze it logically .. it means one of the following :

  1. What you thought was an instinct, was actually a course of action that YOU created to lead you to what you want, and passed it off as instinct
  2. Your unhappiness is a desirable/harmonious event for the universe. This is disagree with a lot, because i firmly believe that happiness is the result of harmony.
  3. Your desirable end result was not in harmony with nature/universe.
  4. The unhappiness that you felt was a sham .. Only superficial.

Where am i going with this ? All i can say is that hopefully this post will someday guide me towards discovering myself.

BTW.. I think i really like St Germain. I am listening to Boulevard (old version). It is an excellent follow-up to Afrolicious.

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